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in the national park during the early hours On this homepage we would like to invite you into the world of Bialowieza. A world, that's far away from stress and noise of our times and that contains the harmony and originality of nature in the rhythm of the seasons. This site is dedicated to the east polish village of Bialowieza, to its people and to the national park of the same name and its various and unique nature.
This is the home of the European Bison, in which not man but woods have played an important role since centuries. Not only numerous awards, but yearly 100.000 visitors prove the importance of Bialowieza Forest and its special position in Europe. the european bisonBy making this site, we want Bialowieza National Park to become more known in whole Europe. Europes last fragment of lowland primeval forests includes an overwhelming wealth of plants and animals and has to be protected.
You will find some pictures of bialowieza and the entire area of the national park on this homepage. We hope to add topics and informations, making a trip to Bialowieza as pleasent as possible.

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